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If it's not fun, it's not WISH CLUB Tour!



Are you planning to travel Japan?
Do you like to meet friendly locals?
Do you want to enjoy true Japanese culture?

If your answer is "YES!!", why don't you try our tour?

We organize Home stay bus tour in Japan. You can travel by our mini-bus with all participants together.
However our tour is NOT "Stereotype bus tour".

We treat guests as our friends. We are not commercial enterprise!
Wheich means we don't like to be treated like as business relationships.
You can stay at my house and my friends' house during the tour mostly.
And you can meet friendly local people and travelers during the tour.
Therefore you can travel with low-budget and enjoy traveling by truly local knowledge and connection of us.

By the way, my house and my friends' houses are not 5 star hotel. Please don't expect too much about accommodate quality.

Anyway, please check our photos, videos and reviews as much as possible.
And if you like our travel style, please contact us.

We will make your Japan trip special.

WISH CLUB organizer

Who is Mochan?

Hello everyone!

Thank you very much for checking our WISH CLUB web site.

I'm Mochan. WISH CLUB Organizer.

I think there are many people who worry to travel with un-known person which means Mochan.

If so, please check out down below video.

I hope it will help to get to know me.


*Message from Mochan

*Promotion video (Thank you so much for creating this video Chao Tan/Singapore)

*Japan trip video with WISH CLUB (Thank you for sharing! Sylvain/France)