If it's not fun, it's not WISH CLUB Tour!


guidance fee
Share-ride bus cost Share-ride bus cost is basic travel fee.

Share-food cost &
Hosting contribution
When you stay at host's house, we pay 1000JPY per person for food and hosting contribution to the host 1000JPY/food
Tea ceremony Tea ceremony is Japanese cultural experience
You can have a cup of Japanese "MACCHA" and
one piece of Japanese sweet then.
KIMONO  experience You can wear Japanese traditional clothes "KIMONO. Mochan's aunt does it, and she offers lunch then. 1000JPY

ONSEN (Hot-spring) When we travel around Japan, you have a chance to try ONSEN
The fee depends on the place to visit.
Accommodations When you travel with us, you need hostel stay some days.
Please book your own hostel.
You can check the days when you need booking by tour schedule.
It depends on the accommodation

*Please buy your own food and drink. And you need to pay sightseeing entering fee like temples entering fee in KYOTO and NARA as well.